FOCUS ON: Geared - Toro


The TORO machine is the ‘new generation’ of Geared machines.

Like its smaller ‘sibling’ the LEO, the TORO has three possible mounting positions (vertical, horizontal, left & right) which allows the motor to be turned in various planes in or​der to minimise the space it requires therefore making it ideal for small machine rooms /MRL. The TORO also has an inclined worm shaft axis which keeps its size to a minimum without effecting its static load capacity, The gearbox is also ‘sealed for life’ with synthetic oil reducing the time on site for maintenance.
The TORO machine is most commonly used for a duty load of 6-10 persons with a 1:1 roping arrangement.

Available Options

Outboard A-Bearing
Safety Brake on the slow shaft for A3 / UCM.​
Extended slow shaft for bottom drive applications
Drum which negates the need of a counterweight and therefore increases the Lift car capacity.​

For more information on the Toro please contact our Sales Team on 01376 550666 who will be happy to further discuss your requirements.


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